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Working for Thriving United is not "Work" it is like being around family! We have our ups and we have our downs, but we realize that we are FAMILY and we work together for our community! Our family, AKA "Thrivamily", works together in encouraging, empowering, and celebrating each member as a whole! The Thriveamily has had lived experience within the mental health and substance use disorder spectrum, in one since or another. We thrive by helping others find their way to recovery by offering peer support in many facets of the person's life. 

Thriving United's Vision is to create a culture and community that is abundant, connected and supportive of all seeking to recover from a variety of hurts or habits - a community that celebrates differences and embraces all pathways to recovery. In our Thrivamily, we thrive on connections and helping others. We live recovery. We know that "United WE Thrive"


Patrick Brown


I was born in 1958 in Midland, Texas. My parents were classic Oil Wildcatters. My family is known for their civic heart and generosity. 

I graduated Texas A&M with a Petroleum Engineering Degree in 1980. I worked 30 years for Wagner & Brown and its subsidiary Pinnacle CNG. I worked recently as an Evaluation Engineer for Legacy Reserves for 5 years.

I entered recovery in 1990. I struggled with continuous sobriety until June 12, 2005. I have been blessed with sobriety ever since.  I attended numerous treatment centers and a halfway house and have spent many hours in therapy.  I have addressed my issues of addiction and self-dependency (codependency).  I continue with active involvement in recovery by frequently attending meetings, working steps with a sponsor and sponsees, ongoing Internal Family Systems therapy, and giving back to the recovery community.  My peerness shows itself as a valuable asset for working with others in experience, relatability and compassion.

Garrett Stewart

Director of Operations

I was born in 1984 in Midland, Texas. Throughout my life, I have always been a kind and caring person, even though I have gone through many adversities. The way I was raised is that smoking marijuana and drinking beer was acceptable and encouraged. However, I did not want to be like my father, I wanted to be better than him. I exceled in school and artistic expression through photography, poetry, and music. Graduating from Midland Lee High School in 2002, I decided to use my scholarships to go to Midland College, however not for long due to drinking and using drugs. After some legal issues, I discovered recovery and latched onto it. In 2014 I received my Associates in Applied Sciences and obtained my License Chemical Dependency counseling intern license and worked as an LCDC-I for almost a year and a half before relapsing. Again, the legal issues came as a result from me using and I used the legal issues to fuel my recovery and use it to keep me accountable, learn from the past, and to help others not to get in that place or how to get out of that place. Today, I have been clean from all substances since January 31st, 2019 and I owe that to my connection with God, connection to myself, and connection to others. Connection is vital to my recovery and I am grateful that I can share that with many others and work as the Director of Operations for Thriving United. I hope to help others one day at a time for as long as I have days to do so.

Jennifer Sherman Priddy

Co-Founder and Program Director

I currently hold the position of Program Director for Thriving United, a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) and house manager of Angel Haven 4516, a Peer Support Recovery Residence. 

I am a woman in long-term recovery, since 9/25/2018.  What that means to me is that I have not used anything outside of myself to alter my mood, thoughts or feelings and am living a self-directed, healthy and balanced lifestyle.  I obtained my Bachelors in Child and Family Studies and my Masters in Autism and Early Childhood Developmental Delays from University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB). 

I put my heart and soul into teaching for 9-years with Midland Independent School District (MISD).  My classroom was the only place I felt alive.  Outside of the classroom, I felt alone, not good enough, worthless and like a failure.  I felt like I had no one I could tell these feelings to, nor did I know how to communicate them.  My own behavior was the only thing communicating these feelings for me. I remember telling my sister, “I don’t know what is wrong with me. I just feel like I have lost my heart.”  My sister recommended a peer run recovery community.

It was not until I was completely hopeless and broken that I finally took the steps to go to the community.  I was welcomed with open arms and the words “We are going to love you, until you learn to love yourself.”  I learned I had been attempting to us everything outside of myself to fix the spirit inside of me.  I was shown how to take care of my whole self from the inside out.  Peers showed me through their lived experience how to truly live and be alive! 

My education has given me the tools to listen to how/what behavior is communicating and my heart and experience have given me the “peer-ness” to walk with my peers as a role-model, support and guide to a holistic, healthy and balanced way of truly living and being alive.  It is my turn to give back the love that was so freely given to me!

Christina Dodge

Volunteer Coordinator 

  I was born in Joliet, Illinois Nov. 14,1979. I have taken 5 years in college. I have my college basics & misc. Medical courses at midland college. I come from a divorced family. My father being an alcoholic and my mother was very passive while growing up. I started experimenting with drugs at an early age. In my teen years I experimented with everything from pot to acid. In my 20’s I became a mother of 3. During this time, I went to college and struggled making ends meet. In my 30’s I divorced and started partying days all over again. In my late 30’s I went all out and spiraled into drug addiction. Catching my first 2 adult felonies I went into Drug court in 2019. This was my first rehab experience and I knew from this point on I had to change, or Nothing ever would. I have been sober from all substance abuse including alcohol since 6/22/2019. In recovery I have gained a relationship with my higher power again, a family in sobriety, and a whole new aspect on life living on life’s terms. I am the Volunteer coordinator for Thriving United. Today I get to help others help themselves and in turn helps me. I remember today that I did not get this way over night so easy does it, jut do it, and I Do!

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