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Angel Haven is located at 4516 Robin Lane and it is a long term recovery home for women and children. Currently, Angel Haven is one house that houses women in recovery from all walks of life, and their children. Angel Haven uses the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) standards. The NARR established a National Standard for recovery residences in 2011.  

  • Our mission is to provide affordable housing for individuals who want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle as members of a supportive, loving family and community through use of evidence-based practices, standards, support services, research, education and advocacy.  
  • Recovery residences provide safe, healthy, abstinent living environments based on a social model of recovery.  
  • The emphasis is on developing mutual support and skills for people in recovery that will enable them to lead productive lives in communities.
  • Our vision is to build a community where all individuals have access to the recovery support they need to live happier, healthier lives based on the values of hope, compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility, and fairness. 

Angel Haven currently is the location for Life's Wonders (an NA group), a candle light AA meeting, Midlfulmess (group meditation held 2x a week), and Sunday Funday (a weekly engagement of the community of people in recovery and their families where there is fellowship, fun and a sense of belonging and togetherness). Angel Haven currently is one home on Robin Lane in Midland, Tx, however we are in the process of building a village. The village will hopefully be able to hold 80+ adults and children and will be located on Elkin's Road north of Midland (more to come as more is revealed). So honestly, we can say that Angel Haven is  proof that "TOGETHER WE THRIVE"!!!


We just were granted our 501(C)3 Non-Profit license and are looking into grants, but we still need help to fund this to help our recovery community THRIVE! There is no price tag on HOPE and that is what we are offering to people. There are already 20 names on a "waiting" list and adding to that daily. 
Your donations help fill in the gap until we start to receive our grants, and even after we do!!
If you want your donations to go to something other than the recovery village, then you can specify where you want your donation to go to!!! 
So, Please, help give whatever you can, no donation is too big or too small. If you want a re-occurring donation, we can do that too!! Thank you!!!

501 North Loraine Street, Midland, Texas 79701  |  432-701-8678

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